Sharon Tracey

Poet, Writer and Editor 

Art is a parallel harmony with nature

—Paul Cézanne


Sharon Tracey is  a poet and editor based in western Massachusetts.

Her full-length poetry collections include Chroma, inspired by five centuries of women artists (forthcoming from Shanti Arts) and What I Remember Most is Everything (All Caps Publishing, 2017). Her poems have appeared in The Worcester Review, Mom Egg Review, Tule Review, and The Ekphrastic Review among others. Her reviews have appeared in Rain Taxi and Cider Press Review. Art and nature are recurring themes in her work. She has previously served as a director of research communications and environmental programs at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and holds an MPP from the University of California Berkeley. She currently serves on the board  of Perugia Press.



All Caps Publishing, 2017

available on Amazon

Poems Published and Forthcoming

2021    Poems "Derek Drove the John Deere Tractor," and "After the Wildfire" (Pirene’s Fountain,

            Vol. 14, Issue 22 

2020    Poems "Outside the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles," "An early hour is a good hour,”and

            "To All the Starlings" in Terrain (forthcoming)

2020    Poems "Empirical Construction, Istanbul” and "The Fortune Teller" in Silkworm 13 (forthcoming) 

2020    Poem "First Anniversary" in Straw Dog Pandemic Poetry 

2020    Poem "I have eaten geographies" in SWWIM 

2020    Poems "Silueta" and "Queen Bess" Look Again, A Collaborative Print and Poetry Exhibit

2020    Poem "The Outermost House" in From the Farther Shore (Bass River Press, forthcoming)

2020    Poem "The Pines" in 30 Poems in November Anthology 

2020    Poem "Self-Portrait with Black Background” in The Ekphrastic Review (January 2020)

2019    Poem "Frescoed Clouds" in The Skinny Poetry Anthology (Cherry Castle Publishing 2019)

2019    Poem "Sunrise Run in Zion" in The Worcester Review (Vol. 40, No. 1 & 2)

2019    Book review of The Davids Inside David in Rain Taxi Review (Vol. 24, No. 3, Fall 2019)

2019    Poems "The Dryer, the Birds and the Plumber" and "The Deployment of Bees" in Silkworm 12 

2019    Poem "Waiting for the Show That Is Morning" in Molecule (Volume 1)

2019    Book Review of The Bones of Winter Birds in Cider Press Review (Vol. 21, Issue 2)

2019    Poem "Walk in a Winter Storm" in A Constellation of Kisses (Terrapin Books 2019)

2019    Poem "On Me Fait Signe" in The Ekphrastic Review (June 2019)

2019    Poem "Morning Glory" Visual Arts and Poetry Biennial: From Seed to Fruition, Northampton Arts Council

2019    Poem "5 PM" in SWWIM (May 2019)

2019    Poem "Godbird"in Tule Review (2019)
2019    Poem "Solo Hike on the Wilderness Coastal Trail" in Mom Egg Review (Vol. 17, 2019)

2019    Short Fiction "Same Day Appointment" in LINEA (Vol. I, No. I, 2019)

2019    Poems "Self-Portrait" and "Fishes" in Voice of Eve (Issue 4, February 2019)
2019    Poem "Send Me a Photo of the Bottom of Your Shoes" in 30 Poems in November Anthology

2018    Poem "Un Mundo" in Forth (November 2018)

2018    Poems "Elegy for Doris" and "What the Poverty Grass Said along Route 66"in Silkworm 11
2018    Poem "Flower Poem in Two Parts"in SPANK the CARP (Pond 44 October 2018)

2018    Poem "C-5 Galaxy Flying North Over South Amherst" in Compass Roads Anthology (Spring 2018)
2018    Poem "170,000 Refugees Arrived in Italy Last Year" in Wordpeace (Winter/Spring 2018)

2018    Poem "Waiting in Line to be Added to the Endangered Species List" in Canary (No. 40, Spring 2018)

2018    Poem "Self-Portrait Hesitating between Music and Painting" in Light: A Journal of Photography and
            Poetry (Issue 6–Muse, Spring 2018)

2018    Poem "The Poetry Coat" in 30 Poems in November Anthology 

2018    Poem "Clothesline: Idomeni Camp in Greece" in Common Ground Review (Vol. 19, No.2 Fall/Winter)

2017    Poem "Fish Who Grow Into Girls" in 56 Days of August Anthology (Fall 2017)

2017    Poems "I Have No Shadow," "Judith Slaying Holofernes" and "A Nun" in The Ekphrastic Review (Fall 2017)
    Poems "Maria Sibylla Merian Speaks on Metamorphosis" and "Self-Portrait by Paula Medersohn-Becker"
Ekphrasis (Vol. 7 No. 6 Fall/Winter 2017)

2017    Book Review of Cutting Room in Rain Taxi Review (Vol. 22, No. 3, Fall 2017)

2017    Poems "Small Extinctions" and "Night Meditation" in Silkworm 10

2017    Full-length poetry collection, What I Remember Most Is Everything (All Caps Publishing 2017)
2017    Poem "30 Days in November" in 30 Poems in November Anthology 

2016    Poem "Green Flies Eat Peaches" in Haiku Journal

2016    Poems "Summertime" and "Frescoed Clouds" in The Skinny Poetry Journal

2016    Poem "Migration of Desire" in Naugatuck River Review

2016    Poems "The Motion of Magnitude" and "Welcome" in Silkworm 9

2016    Poem "Luna Moth" in 30 Poems in November Anthology 



Poems Online

I have eaten geographies SWWIM

First Anniversary Straw Dog Writers Pandemic Poetry

Self-Portrait with Black Background The Ekphrastic Review

A Nun The Ekphrastic Review

On Me Fait Signe The Ekphrastic Review

Silueta (for Ana Mendieta) Look Again, A Collaborative Print and Poetry Exhibit


Un Mundo Forth 

Judith Slaying Holofernes The Ekphrastic Review
Flower Poem in Two Parts SPANK the CARP 

170,000 Refugees Arrived in Italy Last Year WordPeace

Waiting in Line to be Added to the Endangered Species List Canary

A Handful of Other Poems



Limosa limosa, you black-tailed

godwit, long-legged prober

migratory mud wader

you seem a god on speed

slurping up plump polychaetes

& mollusks to double your weight,

record holder for the longest flight

ever tracked by satellite:

New Zealand-China-Alaska 


& back again, no changing planes

no baggage checked nor claimed

high-tailing it over the Mai Po Marsh

the Yellow River a squirt of murky mustard

glimpsed through smog as you soar

over soggy hills and bogs

what full-steam-ahead stamina


no fear of flight like some of us

sitting in a chrome capsule

aloft on the other side of the world

cutting through cumulus & leaving contrails,

wondering how this makes any sense

gripping the armrests

& praying

keep us safe from ourselves


as the flight attendant calls us to attention:

please fasten your seatbelts
we are experiencing some turbulence

Poem first appeared in Tule Review

Migration of Desire

September died 
stiff knees on stalks

I flew, already late

milkweed fluff

whipped white

winging southwest

to Mexico

this mountain

fir forest

this teeming tree

please come sun
with a cloth

to dry me


as a fine powder


to warm

my muscles

frost crystals

my mortal wound

bring me

my breath

trachea tunneling

my body

my eye an oracle

the drops so


on my shoulders

cling as


to skin


so ready

this tongue

to drink dew again

Poem first appeared in the Naugatuck River Review



In raging heat I wear a dress of linen










I wear a dress of linen in raging heat

Frescoed Clouds

Again, they masquerade as solid objects










They masquerade as solid objects, again


Poems first appeared in the Skinny Poetry Journal



Women in Art History - Painting and Poetry

My second full-length poetry collection, Chroma, inspired by the work of women artists painting over the past five centuries, is forthcoming from Shanti Arts. Placing myself in the role of curator, I have written poems inspired by the work of 47 women artists hailing from 25 different countries, arranging the poems in a series of galleries, taking the "viewer" back through time and history to view women making art.  By organizing the poems in a reverse chronological order, the poems lead the reader back through time and history; in a sense revealing the shoulders each succeeding generation leans on. The titles of poems (painting titles) give hints of this. What subjects were deemed acceptable for women artists at particular points in history? How has the scope of allowable subject matter broadened for more modern female painters? I chose to use actual titles of paintings as the poem titles as a way to give each artist their own “voice” to echo through the poems. 

Readings and Collaborative Exhibits

2020     Contributing poet, Look Again, A Collaborative Print and Poetry Exhibit

2019     Contributing poet, Arts & Poetry Biennial: From Seed to Fruition, Northampton Arts Council

2019    Arts and Poetry Biennial Reading, Forbes Library, Northampton

2019    30 Poems in November Reading/Center for New Americans, Smith College

2019    Silkworm 12 Reading, Lily Library, Northampton

2019    Mom Egg Review Reading, Poets House, New York City

2018    30 Poems in November Reading/Center for New Americans, Smith College

2018    Silkworm 11 Reading, Lily Library, Florence

2018    Compass Roads Reading, The Book Mill, Montague

2018    Compass Roads Reading Senior Center, Northampton

2017    30 Poems in November Reading/Center for New Americans, Smith College

2017    Silkworm10 Reading, Lily Library, Florence
2017    Featured Writer, 
Straw Dog Writers, The Basement, Northampton

2017    Book Launch, What I Remember Most is Everything, Northampton

2016    Silkworm 9 Reading, Lily Library, Florence

2016    30 Poems in November Reading/Center for New Americans, Smith College

2015    30 Poems in November Reading /Center for New Americans, Smith College


2016 - present             Editorial Team – Silkworm (Volumes 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)

2016 - present             Manuscript Reader - Perugia Press / Annual Poetry Competition


2018 - present             Board of Directors, Perugia Press

2016 - present             Straw Dogs Writers Guild

2015 - present             Florence Poets Society

2015 - present             Poetry Critique Collective

2015 - present             30 Poems in November to support the Center for New Americans

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