Limosa limosa, you black-tailed

godwit, long-legged prober

migratory mud wader

you seem a god on speed

slurping up plump polychaetes

& mollusks to double your weight,

record holder for the longest flight

ever tracked by satellite:

New Zealand-China-Alaska 


& back again, no changing planes

no baggage checked nor claimed

high-tailing it over the Mai Po Marsh

the Yellow River a squirt of murky mustard

glimpsed through smog as you soar

over soggy hills and bogs

what full-steam-ahead stamina


no fear of flight like some of us

sitting in this chrome capsule

aloft on the other side of the world

cutting through cumulus & leaving contrails,

wondering how this makes any sense

gripping the armrests

& praying

keep us safe from ourselves

as the flight attendant calls us to attention:

please fasten your seatbelts
we are experiencing some turbulence


                   —first published in Tule Review

Sunrise in Zion

she’s dinging the clouds        she’s dabbing at switchbacks

banging on boulders             the doors of rock squirrels


she carries a slingshot                a bag full of pebbles

she’s making them tremble              she loves to make trouble       


            another ricochet—        


she’s pacing herself               she’s splicing pink ribbons

on cliffs of carnelian            she’s burnishing sandstone      


the scruff of the sagebrush             the muzzles of mule deer          

she’s rising then spilling                 down into the canyon


she’s boring a hole with her light         trying to reach

where the rattlesnakes sleep                    she can sense them               


            you can’t stop her—


she climbs faster than you                 can run up the trail

spreads out on a limb              she takes her sweet time


it’s summer in Springdale               it’s barely called morning         

the children are sleeping       a curtain is glowing              


the bloom is the hour                  two mothers are running     

                      —first published in The Worcester Review

Walk In a Winter Storm


The snow is flinging pelts that cling

so all the wooded trees look birch,

everything wet-headed with the kiss

of masking flakes. Columns of trunks cut

in half in blinking white. We lumber

round the open field in padded coats

and boots among the fallen, numbed limbs.

It’s witching hour, striking winter’s four.

Who has a better way of showing something

new, covering the past, sweeping clean

a room. Who kisses and asks for nothing

in return? Today, inside my body

in the house I sat, stuck between four walls.

Until you called and said, come love the storm.


                  —first published in A Constellation of Kisses, Terrapin Books

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